Imagine having someone you could call on every time you needed a hand.


GeT odd jobs done

One tap and a local Rural Networker comes directly to you. They will already know exactly what needs doing and how they can best help you with your task. And when complete, just shake hands for a job well done. Payment is completely seamless. 

Anything, anywhere

Daily chores. Errand in the next town. An extra set of hands. A specialist skill. Whatever you need done, count on The Rural Network for a help—with no obligations to hire if you don't want.


From local students earning money for their Learners license, to people saving for something meaningful. You help them, they help you with your chore or task. It is a win-win for for everyone. 

How much does it cost to get my task done? 

There's no right or wrong answer 

Our community

Our Rural Network community comprises people of different backgrounds, experiences, and interests. But it’s their passions that tell the story of who they are and why they help others. Join our community →


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rural Australians are getting things done..

We are building

Safe and trusting rural communities 

✓ You always remain in control. 

✓ Rural Workers undergo an extensive ID verification process.

✓ Read verified reviews from others. 

✓ Upload the reward for your task online easily.

✓ Funds are held securely until you're happy.    

Work when you want. Make what you need.

Working with The Rural Network is flexible and rewarding, helping rural Australians meet their career and financial goals.


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